Oilseed YEN 2021-22 open for registrations

Sarah Kendall

Registration is now open for Oilseed YEN 2021-22 - in time for growers establishing OSR this month and beyond.

AHDB have kindly provided funding to support the Establishment Beauty Contest running for a second season. In addition to getting involved in some competitive fun, the data collected through the initiative will help narrow down the factors associated with establishment success, failure and everything in between. We are asking growers to provide information about their establishment practices, agronomy, soil and variety choice, as well as measuring plant population and cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) damage at the 2 true leaf stage. Crops will then be judged later in the season on the basis of plant establishment, even plant spacing, uniformity of plant size, plant vigour, plant health and the absence of weeds.

There will be 3 drilling date categories: 

Early Drilled (up to 14th August)

Normal Drilled (15th to 31st August)

Late Drilled (1st September onwards)


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