Grass YEN

Since 2017, ADAS is running a pilot Grass YEN, with industry-wide involvement. The initial aim is to test the scope for an ongoing YEN designed to identify solutions for the current challenges in the grass growing sector.

The competition will be judged on the biomass yield (kg/ha) and the energy yield (MJ of ME per ha) ideally over two silage cuts. This will be compared against the estimated potential yield for your field and its environment.

To ensure the competitors are judged on a fair basis the grass yield will be expressed as a percentage of the potential yield as well as on an absolute basis (t/ha and MJ/ha).

  • Gain a better understanding of high-quality grass yield formation,
  • Identify factors constraining grass yield
  • Develop innovative solutions for overcoming these yield constraints.

Annual Grass YEN membership

Membership is open, and available to anyone; farmers, agronomists, and researchers.

Membership includes:

  • One entrance into the annual Grass YEN competition* 
  • One NRM Soil Health Check
  • NRM analysis of your grass sample
  • A comprehensive report on your crop’s performance
  • Regular GrassYEN newsletters
  • One ticket to the Annual Grass YEN Conference

*Members can enter multiple fields; additional charges apply.

Membership Fees

UK based individual Grass YEN Membership is £400 + VAT for a two silage cut entry. 

Other prices apply for crops with either single or multiple cuts, or non UK entrants.


Corporate Sponsors support the network to maintain its core activities.  Their vital role is recognised in all YEN publicity, media items, conference presentations, and on this website.

Sponsors can also make multiple competition entries, and have multiple attendance at the annual YEN conference. A few sponsors will also contribute some or all of individual farmers membership fees. For more information, please contact the Grass YEN Project Manager.

Key Dates
Deadline for free NRM Soil Health analysis
Competition entry deadline

Sponsors and funders