YEN Nutrition

YEN Dynamic Benchmarking ready for testing

We've now come to the end of our six month Innovate UK project to develop better data exchange and 'Dynamic Benchmarking' for the YEN family.

We've achieved a lot:

  • We've added…

Another first for the YEN!

We had an excellent response to our YEN Nutrition webinar yesterday – with 115 people attending and offering over 40 comments and questions. We couldn’t possibly…

YEN Nutrition Annual Webinar 2021

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YEN Reporting Workshop

YEN Reports are comprehensive. As well as ranking your yield, they provide many explanatory metrics. If you find this somewhat baffling, and would like to delve into the physiological analysis of…

Farmers are facing a phosphorus crisis. The solution starts with soil.

Overuse of fertilizer has led to phosphorus shortages and water pollution. But farms might not need so much to grow healthy crops. Roger Sylvester-Bradley appears in National Geographic to discuss…

YEN Nutrition Example Offtake Report-1

Example YEN Nutrition Report-1 (Offtake report)

Grain nutrient analysis and its role in management - AHDB

AHDB webpage about the role of grain nutrient analysis and why it was added to RB209 in 2020. 


Grain nutrient analysis and benchmarking AHDB webinar

Last week, Prof. Roger Sylvester Bradley joined AHDB online to discuss the inclusion of grain nutrient analysis in the latest revision of the Nutrient Management Guide RB209. The…