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The Yield Enhancement Network – or YEN – connects agricultural organisations and farmers who are striving to improve crop performance.

Networks are open to any interested individual or organisation - commercial, academic or other.

YEN networks exist to help any member from the UK, Europe or beyond to close the gap between their current and potential performance.

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Farm-PEP Survey

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

We have designed a survey to try to get views on what we should prioritise in developing Farm-PEP. 

You can complete the survey … more

Farm-PEP - Revised Wireframes

AUTHOR: Oliver Sylvester-Bradley -

We are really excited to share a first set of Wire Frames for the revised Farm-PEP concept in the links below.

Please ignore the content… more

Farm-PEP - Updated Summary

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

Having now thought hard about what Farm-PEP could be, discussed widely and posted many updates, we have been challenged to bring our current… more

Farm-PEP Content - Revisited

AUTHOR: Daniel Kindred -

We have revised our initial ideas of how content should be managed in Farm-PEP, following extensive consultations with farmers and stakeholders.… more