Networks & Projects

The Yield Enhancement Networks

YEN Zero

The industry commitment to reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040 will require substantial reductions in the greenhouse gas intensity of crop products, as well as increased storage of carbon… more

Potato YEN

Yields vary substantially between potato crops, along with the percentage of yield meeting the desired specification. There is a large gap between the biological potential yield and what is… more

Forage YEN

The Grass Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) has been running for three years. In 2021, we are expanding Grass YEN to include maize and whole cropped cereals that are used for both… more

Bean YEN

Set up in 2019 in partnership with PGRO, the Bean YEN was established with the support of industry sponsors, including key developmental funding from… more


The Pea YEN was established in 2016 with support from PGRO and 15 commercial sponsors. The Pea YEN has sought to understand the variation in combining pea yields between fields, farms and seasons… more

Oilseed YEN

In most regions of the UK, oilseed rape crops are capable of yielding around 9 tonnes of seed per hectare.

Leading farms and research trials for oilseed rape often achieve in excess of 5… more

Cereal YEN

The Cereal YEN was established in 2012, and is the longest-running Yield Enhancement Network.

By joining the Cereal YEN, you will… more

The Yield Enhancement Projects


Covid19 has necessitated a rapid shift to digital communications by all individuals and organisations. Platforms that were already being used regularly by some (eg Teams, Zoom) have… more

YEN Wheat Quality Contest

The YEN Wheat Quality contest is to promote an understanding of how to produce high yielding wheat which is also of high quality.… more

YEN Yield Testing

Since the YEN began in 2012, the farmers, advisors and scientists involved have… more