Grain nutrient analysis and its role in management - AHDB

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AHDB webpage about the role of grain nutrient analysis and why it was added to RB209 in 2020. 

Visit to learn more.

New Zealand pea growing guide


Producers around the world face a number of challenges with the pea crop. Whilst regional differences in climate, soil and weather patterns mean that lessons in one region are not immediately transferable to another, the approaches taken in New Zealand, where there are some…

Client Details Form - YEN Nutrition


Please download the Client Details Form, fill in and send it to We will then send you a Membership ID for each of your clients so that they or you can complete their …

Client Details Form

Agronomics Analysis: Gauging confidence in crop yield comparisons

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ADAS has developed a new way for farmers to test their decisions which it calls ‘agronomics analysis’

Agronomics web-site

Agronomics is the science of managing the ‘agronome’: it…

Treasury of Ideas

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At college, we are taught that all crops develop (age) in response to temperature and daylength; then they grow by capturing light energy and water.

But this knowledge is not widely used in practice so, to help the industry understand crop performance in more detail, ‘Growth Guides’ were…

The value of YEN data - Richard Wainright, Bank Top Farm

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The data you receive as a YEN member means you understand the constraints to your crop growth. There are some constraints you may not be able to do much about but others are really helpful to know so you can make the small changes needed to increase yield as Richard Wainright explains.

Why I joined the YEN - Richard Wainright, Bank Top Farm

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Richard Wainright farms a 510ha farm in North Yorkshire and joined the Oilseed YEN two years ago. He joined to get more from his yield and has found the detailed data extremely beneficial in understanding the small changes he can make to achieve greater yields year on year.

Why I joined the YEN - David Passmore, Mays Farm

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David Passmore is a mixed farmer from Oxfordshire who joined the YEN in 2018. David joined to develop his business and to meet and learn from others. The data collected throughout the year has given David a greater understanding of his yields and farming practise, and has lead to further…

The benefits of being a YEN member - David Passmore, Mays Farm

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David Passmore from Mays Farm in Oxfordshire explains the benefits of being a member of the YEN.

Why I joined the YEN - David Brightman, Gaydon Hill Farm

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David Brightman is a YEN member from Gaydon Hill Farm in Warwickshire. Although initially wary of joining the YEN due to blackgrass issues and drainage, David was inspired to join in 2018 and take part in trials after learning about applied research opportunities that could directly benefit his…

The role of the YEN in the Netherlands

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Tom Hendricks is the Knowledge Manager for Crop Solutions - a knowledge-sharing collaboration of nine arable farming companies in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has many of the same issues as UK farmers when it comes to increasing yield productivity. The data gained from entering the YEN can…