Spring Potash Farm Innovation Group

The potash yield testing trials are assessing the potential benefit of adding additional potash, in the form of muriate of potash (MOP, 60% K2O), in the spring at the same time as the main nitrogen application.

Potassium and nitrogen are strongly associated within plant processes as nitrogen stimulates cell growth which increases cell water intake. Potassium is then needed to maintain cell turgor by regulating cell water content, this is essential to optimise light interception as it effects leaf morphology.

The formation of proteins from nitrate and their distribution around the plant is also dependant on adequate potassium levels, therefore affecting the crop N response This is being tested on winter wheat but also includes additional fields of oilseed rape and spring barley, using rates of 0, 100 and 200 kg/ha of MOP.  

Facilitator: Tom Wilkinson

Contact email: tom.wilkinson@adas.co.uk