YEN Reporting Workshop

YEN Reports* are comprehensive. As well as ranking your yield, they provide many explanatory metrics. If you find this somewhat baffling, and would like to delve into the physiological analysis of your yield, ADAS has experienced physiologists who are interested and keen to help. In the form below you can book a place for just yourself, or for a group of fellow YEN Entrants, to discuss your YEN Report(s) with an ADAS Crop Physiologist. With our new capacity for on-line meetings, we will do this via a ‘Virtual workshops’ using Microsoft Teams.

*We can organise workshops to discuss any type of YEN report – on Cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses, or Nutrition. We will try to ensure that each workshop focusses on just one of these topics.

An initial workshop will take place on Tuesday 9th March 2021 from 4-6pm (6-8 places will be available per workshop)

Cost - £80 + VAT per person

Please fill-in the registration form below to book for your YEN reporting workshop. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please email