Oilseed Rape Cross Drilling Farm Innovation Group (FIG)

The oilseed rape cross drilling FIG is looking to test and understand the impact of optimising plant spacing on yield. The farmers involved in this group have cross drilled an area of their oilseed rape by drilling 50% of the seed rate in both directions.

The work aims to show how ensuring oilseed rape plants have the right amount of spacing around the whole plant is beneficial in terms of canopy size and plant architecture. Researchers Tom Bennett and Catriona Walker at The University of Leeds are also using the project as a basis for understanding the control of branching in oilseed rape. The results of the trials done within this FIG may help to support future research into the precision drilling of oilseed rape. 

Facilitator: Sarah Kendall

Email: sarah.kendall@adas.co.uk